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Peter Yeo - Recent Press

Foreign Policy: The U.N. Is Charging America Hundreds of Millions for Membership in a Club It Can't Vote In

The Hill: Delinquent US to lose vote on UN panel

The Hill: US ambassadorship to France opens up

Foreign Policy: House Panel Slammed for Gutting State Dept. Funds

Susan Rice Finally Has Her Perfect Job: Head-Knocker in Chief

Foreign Policy: Neocons praise Samantha Power pick

The Hill: Kerry urged to withhold UN dues over alleged whistleblower abuse

The Hill: UN backers brace for $225 million sequestration hit

The Hill: US and Venezuela among the 18 nations to win seats on UN human rights body

The Hill: Republican voters want more details on foreign policy

New York Times: Palestinian Bid for Full Unesco Membership Imperils American Financing

NPR: Palestinians Try Alternate U.N. Route, Worrying U.S.

The Hill: Ros-Lehtinen says UN reform bill about reform, not UN-bashing

Foreign Policy: Berman: Ros-Lehtinen's bill to 'eviscerate' U.N. is 'radical'

Foreign Policy: Ros-Lehtinen introduces U.N.-bashing bill ahead of Palestinian statehood vote

Foreign Policy: House to battle over funds to increase security at the U.N.

Foreign Policy: House Republicans' next target: the United Nations

Fox News: GOP Puts U.N. Reform Back on Agenda as 'Urgent' Problem

Foreign Policy: Republican Congress to U.N.: drop dead

The World from The Hill: U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans

Foreign Policy: Obama is “changing the way we do business” on development

Foreign Policy: Obama is “changing the way we do business” on development

Foreign Policy: The Save-the-World Clock

Washington Post: Obama administration unveils strategy for meeting global poverty goals

Reuters: ANALYSIS - Struggling at home, Obama to get warm U.N. welcome