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Our Leadership: Trailblazing with Innovation and Experience

Our Leadership

The UN Foundation is led day-to-day by our President and CEO Kathy Calvin, and an innovative and experienced team. Our senior leadership includes:




Alaka Basu

Senior Fellow, Reproductive Health
Alaka Basu is Senior Fellow, Reproductive Health with strong interests in public health. Basu has published widely in the areas of reproductive health and family planning, gender and development, child health and mortality, and the context and politics of population policy.

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Mohamed T. El-Ashry

Senior Fellow, Energy and Climate
Mohamed T. El-Ashry is Senior Fellow, Energy and Climate with the UN Foundation and Facilitator of the Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) which he organized in 2007. Its membership includes 13 former Presidents and Prime-Ministers and 12 other global leaders.

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Melinda L. Kimble

Senior Fellow, Executive Office
Melinda Kimble is Senior Fellow, Executive Office, and oversees our International Bioenergy Initiative. She joined the UN Foundation in May 2000.

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John E. Lange

Senior Fellow, Global Health Diplomacy
Ambassador John E. Lange (Ret.) is Senior Fellow, Global Health Diplomacy and serves as the primary focal point for the UN Foundation’s global health diplomacy activities. Prior to joining the Foundation in July 2013, Lange spent four years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working with African governments to improve public health. He has served as co-chair of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s Polio Partners Group since its launch in April 2012.

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