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Global Problems Can be Solved


Expedia, Inc.

"I am convinced that, even in the two short years of our collaboration, our World Heritage Alliance is changing the face of the travel industry and helping to preserve World Heritage sites across the globe.  There is no better vision we could have than to create a place with the UN Foundation to bring people together in the spirit of discovery, to grow together with our partners, and to enrich communities around the world."

- Paul Brown, President
Expedia, Inc. Partner Services Group & Expedia North America


What if travelers, the tourism industry, and local communities worked together to protect and preserve the world’s most treasured places for future generations to experience and enjoy? 

That is what inspired us to partner with Expedia Inc in 2005 to create World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (WHA), an industry-leading initiative that works to support World Heritage conservation, sustainable tourism, and local economic development for communities in and around UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

The WHA enables the tourism industry to come together to develop tools, resources, and standards to help mitigate the impact of travel on the world’s most-precious places.  This partnership has grown to include 50 travel-industry partners including major hotel chains to local cooperatives. 

An important component of Expedia’s commitment to sustainable tourism is the Expedia Employee Community Service Program.  Through this program, Expedia employees donate their time and expertise to provide local communities and community-based tourism companies with the tools and the skills they need to promote sustainable tourism and awareness of World Heritage sites. These unique partnerships produce business plans that include product and website development, and sales and marketing strategies.  So far, we have completed four programs in Baja del Sur, Dominica, and two in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

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