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Global Problems Can be Solved


Women and Faith Leaders Work to End Global Poverty

The Women, Faith, and Development Alliance (WFDA) — a  coalition of leading faith, development aid and women’s rights organizations — launched its international advocacy campaign urging increased investment in women and girls at “Breakthrough: The Women, Faith, and Development Summit to End Global Poverty.” We provided financial support to WFDA, were an active participant in the Summit’s preparatory advocacy activities, and were one of 125 leading organizations, public officials and individual supporters that participated in the meeting.

Co-chaired by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and other world leaders, Breakthrough served as a forum for international leaders to convene and announce new commitments to empowering women and girls. We led and organized the Adolescent Girls Cluster — a cluster of faith, NGOs and UN organizations committed to working together to improve the lives of adolescent girls.

The Adolescent Girls Cluster members committed to work together on the elimination of obstetric and traumatic fistula as part of a greater effort to elevate adolescent girls on the global development agenda. Fistula is a devastating childbrith delivery injury that was eliminated in the West a decade ago. As part of their commitment, cluster members pledge to educate others about fistula prevention and treatment; support organizations that work on fistula prevention and treatment; and communicate best practices and explore joint initiatives with other cluster participants to maximize outreach efforts. Participants will determine how to best execute their commitment, depending on their type of organization and their capacity. We will provide a small number of grants to faith-based organizations for their fistula outreach efforts.