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Securing another $1 billion for UN Peace & Security missions

The path to positive relations between the United States and the United Nations has not always been a smooth one, and in recent years U.S. debt to the UN has again grown rapidly. This increase in debt comes in part from substantial increases in peace and security programs taken on by the United Nations, especially in UN peacekeeping, as well as a counterproductive U.S. strategy of withholding funding to push UN reform.

Increasingly, the U.S. has turned to the United Nations to help tackle major global challenges such as stabilizing Iraq, ending the violence in Darfur, keeping Iran free of nuclear weapons, ending major global disease and addressing climate change. The U.S. has also increasingly called for new and expanded peacekeeping missions, such as in Lebanon, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. 

When the costs increase at the UN while the U.S. withholds funds for political or budgetary reasons, the U.S. debt expands almost exponentially. This creates tension in the U.S.-UN relationship and makes carrying out the UN’s missions increasingly difficult and dangerous. We support U.S. policies that include working through international organizations like the UN to address international threats. Without the proper resources the UN’s work on behalf of peace, prosperity and security is threatened. 

That is why we have worked to make sure the U.S. financially supports the programs it calls for at the UN. By harnessing its 50,000 constituents, building strong coalitions and using savvy and targeted communications strategies, we have leveraged Congressional support for increasing funding for the United Nations by more than $1 billion in the past two years. 

Campaigns like “Price of Peace” and “Don’t Go it Alone” have been instrumental in getting the message to lawmakers that Americans want to be engaged with the world in a constructive way. Using these partnerships and campaigns has allowed the Better World Campaign to raise awareness about U.S. debt at the United Nations and increase funding to move the world closer to sustainable and lasting peace.