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Solar EmPowerment

7 out of every 10 households in rural India have no access to electricity. Clean energy sources such as solar home systems are too expensive for...

Coalition for Adolescent Girls

The first step to ending generations of poverty is investing in adolescent girls.

Building a constituency of 50,000 UN activists

To increase the impact of advocacy on the Hill, the Better World Campaign strives to build a strong and active constituency for the UN. Our...

UN Peacekeeping is a Success in Liberia

The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations has more than 100,000 troops and personnel deployed to 18 global peace missions,...

Building a Framework for a New Global Climate Agreement

The time for action is now. Addressing climate change is one of humanity’s greatest and most pressing challenges – and one that...

Building Clean Energy Businesses in Africa

The Africa Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED) provides training and seed money for small businesses in rural Africa to use clean energy...

The Galapagos Islands Swap Diesel for Wind Power

The Galápagos Islands are home to a dizzying array of plants and animal life, but its fragile ecosystems are vulnerable to ocean oil...

Mobile Activism: Make Text, Not War

When waves of political violence swept through Kenya after the December 2007 presidential election, human rights advocates in the country turned...

Women and Faith Leaders Work to End Global Poverty

Women and girls make critical choices that can lead their families out of poverty. The international development, women's rights and faith...

First comes school, then comes marriage

Amhara’s child marriage rates are among the world’s highest. An innovative program in Ethiopia — funded by the UN Foundation...