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United Nations

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Helping the UN Make a Difference


United Nations

We advocate for effective, fair, and wise government policies on behalf of the United Nations and its causes. Our goal: to guide the marketplace, mobilize resources, and increase transparency.

Also at the UN, we have urged implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and recommended ways to strengthen UN operations.


  • Advocated in Congress to ensure that the FY 2010 appropriations bill fully funded the regular UN budget and erased all debt the U.S. had been building to the UN over the last decade
  • Assured full funding of UN peacekeeping missions and provided critical resources to fund UN programs
  • Supported the Obama Administration’s commitment to a new era of international engagement, including his chairing of the UN Security Council at the 2009 General Assembly
  • Successfully called on the administration to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council to better protect people around the world
  • Built a constituency of 60,000 people in the United States committed to constructive U.S. engagement with the UN


Better World Campaign

The Better World Campaign is a leading voice for a strong, fully-funded UN system. It also champions UN peacekeeping to ensure no country has to pay all the bills or take all the risks for international peace and security. And it urges member states to work together to strengthen the United Nations so it can meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Advocating for UN Causes

Global problems can be solved. But unless solutions translate into effective government policies, they won’t stick. We have been an advocate for effective and fair government policies with respect to the UN and its causes.


Supporting UN Communications

We work closely with the United Nations to communicate with governments about the UN’s work and challenges the organization faces. Our work supports UN crisis communications and adoption of new information strategies that better tell the UN story.