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Energy & Climate

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Energy & Climate


The UN Foundation’s Energy and Climate Change program works with the UN to help usher the world’s transition toward a clean energy economy.
We help transition the world toward a clean, climate-friendly energy future. We promote access to and the delivery of clean energy services, nurture renewable energy enterprises, and advance policies to scale up these solutions globally.



  • Awarded 150 grants totaling $75 million and raised $20 million
  • Helped create and sustain more than 50 sustainable energy enterprises in developing countries, serving more than 300,000 people
  • Developed, with the Club of Madrid, a framework for new climate change agreements that guides UN-led negotiations for a new treaty protocol
  • Launched the International Bioenergy Initiative with 5 UN agencies and the Italian Ministry of the Environment to increase energy access, economic opportunities, and clean bioenergy development
  • Convened institutional investors with $20 trillion in assets for UN summits on climate risk, spurring commitment of $10 billion for clean energy investments




Confronting Climate Change

We play a key role in strengthening international alliances and advancing agreements to prevent catastrophic climate change. We have worked with UN agencies and technical experts to help them understand and respond to climate change science. And we have consistently supported the UN’s efforts to move climate cooperation to the forefront of the international agenda.


Accelerating Energy Efficiency

For a full decade, the UN Foundation has worked to harness the invisible resource on behalf of economic development and environmental protection. Around the world, we have accelerated financing for energy efficiency investments, spurred adoption of new regulatory approaches and updated standards that advance efficiency. At the policy level, our international energy efficiency task force has developed a global strategy for doubling the historic rate of annual efficiency improvements.


Promoting Clean Energy Access

We stimulate local enterprises to enhance access of rural and urban poor to clean energy. We work with UN agencies to provide the seed financing, credit enhancements, and loan guarantees that small and medium-sized companies need to advance energy efficiency and develop and market renewable energy. And we have helped convene major institutional investors at the UN to identify climate change’s risks and opportunities in clean energy investment.