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Global Moms Challenge

UPDATE: Million Moms Challenge is now Global Moms Challenge. Learn more about the initiative here.

Every mother in the world wants the same thing: a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth, and a baby who will thrive. But for millions of moms and babies in developing countries, these basic human rights are out of reach.

The mission of Global Moms Challenge is to help families around the world by raising awareness and support of the issues impacting moms and babies through the Global Moms Relay, Moms +SocialGood event, and by creating a supportive community of moms who care.


In 2011, ABC News launched a news series to raise awareness of maternal health issues and challenges mothers face around the world. The United Nations Foundation (UNF), as well as partners, were asked to support and share stories online and on social media. Global Moms Challenge (GMC), then known as Million Moms Challenge, was created to reach U.S. mothers and increase their knowledge and willingness to take action. As the community grew, so did the support for moms and babies.


Today, the GMC community is composed of more than 140,000 people, mostly U.S. mothers between ages 25-45, united to support moms and babies. It brings together a coalition of more than 30 world-class partners working around the globe. Last year the initiative was able to raise $325,000 in support of key initiatives, including UNICEF, Girl Up, Shot@Life, and MAMA.


Community engagement for the #GlobalMoms social media presence usually peaks during the Moms +SocialGood Summit, an annual gathering of supporters, global health advocates, and the online moms community that takes place in May. In 2015 the #GlobalMoms campaign resulted in over 190 million impressions with a social reach of nearly 34 million.

Raising Awareness

The Global Moms Relay is the accompanying digital campaign to rally celebrities, leaders, and supporters to share stories of motherhood and raise money to support women and children.

In 2015, the relay reached 300,000 social actions with people sharing from all 50 US states and more than 100 countries. The initiative won a 2015 PR News Award for Social Networking Campaign for its online efforts in raising awareness of the challenges facing moms and babies.

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Learn more about the Moms +SocialGood event on May 5, 2016.

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