Forging Dynamic Partnership to Change the World

Meridian Institute

For over twenty years, Meridian Institute professionals have brought objectivity, process expertise, substantive knowledge, trust and patience to its projects. As neutral third parties, the Institute designs problem-solving processes, applying proven strategies and techniques to highly controversial public policy issues. It also aids parties in settling site- and issue-specific disputes. Meridian’s practical approach often results in unlikely parties forging new partnerships and unique alliances. In its projects, the Institute works with all involved parties to create the right conditions for creative, practical solutions, and mutually beneficial agreements that can be effectively implemented.

Above all, the Meridian Institute stands for impartiality, integrity, inclusiveness, and respect for differences. It brings these values to processes that connect people to solve problems and make informed decisions in three major areas: Multi-Party Problem Solving, Strategy Assessment and Planning, and Leadership in the Theory and Practice of Collaboration.

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