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Data2X: Closing Gender Data Gaps

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Without Data Equality, There is no Gender Equality


Data2X: Closing Gender Data Gaps

About Data2X

Data2X, housed at the United Nations Foundation, is a collaborative technical and advocacy platform dedicated to improving the quality, availability, and use of gender data in order to make a practical difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide. Motivated by the belief that "there is no gender equality without data equality," Data2X works with United Nations agencies, governments, civil society, academics, and the private sector to close gender data gaps, promote expanded and unbiased gender data collection, and use gender data to improve policies, strategies, and decision-making in support of gender equality.

Mapping Gender Data Gaps

As a first step, Data2X identified 28 global gender data gaps across five domains: health, education, economic opportunities, political participation, and human security. The 28 gaps were singled out based on need, population coverage, and policy relevance. The gaps are captured in a Mapping Report, available at www.data2x.org, which synthesizes available sources of gender data, data gaps, and ways forward.

Gender Data Partnerships

Data2X has selected actionable global gender data gaps based on international awareness and growing momentum on the need to address the data gap, relative ease in closing the gap, and population coverage, or the number of girls or women who stand to benefit from closing the gap.

The initiative encourages the formation of gender data partnerships centered on new commitments or strengthening a gender component of ongoing data efforts. Data2X will consider data quality and efficiency, openness and accessibility, and usability when vetting data partnerships. Data2X encourages mining existing data sources before initiating new data collection efforts.    

To see a complete list of gender data partnerships and for more information, please visit www.data2x.org.