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The mHealth Alliance bridges diverse communities to mobilize innovation for global health. Launched by the UN Foundation, which houses the Alliance, and the Rockefeller and Vodafone Foundations in 2009, the mHA is dedicated to enabling quality health at the farthest reaches of wireless networks. By building public-private partnerships that address health needs in underserved communities, the mHealth Alliance and its partners are developing new ways for mobile health, or mHealth, to increase the availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of health information and services. Founding partners include the GSM Association, and the US President's Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).



  • Mobilizing Development

    Mobilizing Development, the final report in the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation Technology Partnership's Access to Communications publication series, examines the partnership that bridged the United Nations, the world's largest humanitarian system, with Vodafone, one of the largest global mobile operators. The report explores how this collaboration has mobilized innovative partnerships in the use of technology for development, celebrates successes, and identifies trends and lessons learned.

  • Disaster Relief 2.0: The Future of Information Sharing in Humanitarian Emergencies

    Disaster Relief 2.0: The Future of Information Sharing in Humanitarian Emergencies analyzes how the humanitarian community and the emerging volunteer and technical communities worked together in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and recommends a four-part framework to improve coordination between these two groups in future emergencies.