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Improving Energy Efficiency

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Improving Energy Efficiency

Reducing the amount of energy the world wastes is the first and best step toward fighting global warming. Eliminating this waste also provides financial resources to sustainably grow strong economies around the world.

What’s more, energy efficiency’s benefits are universal — equally profound in countries large and small. Reaching an international agreement to unlock the energy efficiency opportunity is a strong down payment on further emissions reductions.


The Global Partnership for Energy-Efficient Buildings is a public-private partnership to assist policy makers to implement effective policies and programs that increase investment in energy-efficient buildings.  The Partnership promotes ways to improve global governance and capacity, highlights proven policies, business models and innovations, and showcases the contributions partners make to solve global energy problems.  It offers the private sector a way to partner with public sector institutions, including the United Nations, the World Bank, and leading civil society organizations, to achieve the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All’s energy efficiency objective.  

The Partnership undertakes actions in four major areas:

  • Enhance Global Governance – Promote improvement in the structure of global governance and the adoption of international energy efficiency norms; promote international programs that target the built environment and advance a unifying framework to support capacity building.
  • Improve Market Conditions – Serve as a forum for public and private sector representatives to explore ways in which public policies and programs can be structured to better leverage private sector participation and investment; collaborate with the financial community to tailor financing products to overcome chronic market barriers.
  • Assist Policy Makers – Participate in missions to meet with senior policy makers in countries that wish to improve their policy and market environment and support their implementation efforts.
  • Showcase Action – Disseminate information about partner efforts that support achievement of Sustainable Energy for All’s energy efficiency objective, including innovative programs, tools and resources, business models, and relevant policy, program, and regulatory ideas.

The Partnership harnesses the expertise and insights of Partners and their overseas staff to help plan, implement and support activities.  Partners are encouraged to dedicate in-kind staff time to help accomplish goals, or where applicable, second staff to the Partnership.  The Partnership does not seek to duplicate or compete with other organizations.  Rather, it provides Partners with opportunities to collaborate with others, employ their capacity and expertise, and highlight their existing activities to help solve pressing global energy challenges.  The Partnership is supporting the Danish Foreign Ministry’s effort to create an energy efficiency “Hub” to support achievement of the Sustainable Energy for All’s efficiency objective.