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On April 21st, AMERICAN IDOL will feature a special IDOL GIVES BACK show that highlights the work of the UN Foundation and the United Nations. The show, in addition to featuring past winners of AMERICAN IDOL, will give viewers the opportunity to donate to featured UN Foundation programs, including Haiti relief and empowering women and girls in Ethiopia.

AMERICAN IDOL season 7 winner David Cook just returned from a trip to Ethiopia with the UN Foundation to visit the UN's Biruh Tesfa (Bright Futures) project. Biruh Tesfa, facilitated by the UN Population Fund and funded by the UN Foundation, provides young women with services such as literacy training and health checks. Watch David's video from Ethiopia.

Also, see video of AMERICAN season 8 winner Kris Allen in Haiti where he visited with UN staff and Haitians rebuilding from the devastating January earthquake.

You can show your support and get involved in three ways:

1. Share the love on Facebook and Twitter! Update your status below to support the work of the UN Foundation, the United Nations and our AMERICAN IDOL champions - David Cook and Kris Allen.

2. Host a live watch party! We've put together tips and resources on how you can host a successful AMERICAN IDOL watch party with your friends, family and neighbors. Click here for all of the information you'll need to host an unforgettable night. See More

3. Take part in our virtual watch party! If you're on Twitter or Facebook, thousands of UN Foundation and AMERICAN IDOL fans will be sharing their thoughts online during the show. For Twitter, use the hashtag #UNFIdol and we'll pull your tweets into the special Twitter box below. For Facebook, update your status using the box below and let your friends and fellow UN Foundation supporters know you're watching.

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Printable Sign-in sheet-- Print out this sign-in and asks your guests to sign up to learn more about the UN Foundation. There are instructions on how to get the information back to us on the form.

Online sign-in sheet-- If you'd rather save the paper, or if you don't want to mail the information back, you or your guests can enter their information on this page to receive more information about the UN Foundation.

Watch Party Contribution Page-- Your guests will be able to donate to the UN Foundation during the show via text message, but you can ask them to donate online right here.


1. An AMERICAN IDOL watch party needs guests! Invite your friends, family and neighbors to watch the special results show, watch exclusive video content and learn more about how to get involved. Provide snacks, a comfortable place to watch the show, and add your own details to make the watch party your own.

2. Read up on our work. If your guests see us on AMERICAN IDOL, they may have questions about our organization, our history, and why it's so important that they get involved. Be prepared to explain why you support the work of the UN Foundation and the United Nations to solve global problems.

3. After the UN Foundation is featured on AMERICAN IDOL, give your guests a way to take action immediately. Guests can text from their cell phones during the show to make a donation, but have a computer ready for them to contribute online if they want. Have paper and pen ready so that your guests can leave their email address and get more information about the UN Foundation after the event ends. And if any of your guests use Twitter, they can connect with people from across the country who are at other watch parties by using the #UNFIdol hash tag.

4. Remember - this is your chance to make a difference! A lot of the work we do - and the work you support - is serious. But it's exciting to see the work highlighted in the living rooms of millions of people. Use your event to enjoy the moment - have your friends over, watch the show, and end the night proud of what you've supported in the past. There's still a lot of work to do, and it's going to take a lot to get it done, but remember: this is your chance to make a difference. The time is now!

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