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Energy Future Coalition

The Energy Future Coalition was formed in 2002 by the UN Foundation, the Turner Foundation, and others to bring together diverse stakeholders from business, labor and environmental groups around broad-based and non-partisan solutions.

The Coalition’s first report made the case for action:

We know that change will not come easily, nor will it occur overnight. To achieve it, the U.S. must address three overarching challenges:

  • We must reduce the world’s dependence on oil, helping to free consumers from the economic, political, and environmental risks that it entails.
  • We must take steps to control the emissions from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas that are affecting the global climate.
  • And we must recognize that helping developing nations to grow can be both a boost for them and in the best interest of the United States. Extending access to modern energy services to poor people around the world can demonstrate American leadership and create new markets at the same time.

Even in that first report, the mission was clearly linked to a bright vision for the future:

This new course – investing in a new energy future – is an economic opportunity for America. It is also responsible leadership – to turn away from policies that damage our earth and our health, that compromise our children’s future, and to develop the clean energy sources we’ve got.

This is a time of opportunity – a major technological revolution is beginning in energy, with great potential markets. And the reality is that where America goes, others will likely follow. America’s example for good or for ill sets the tempo and the direction of action far beyond its borders and far into the future. The world is watching to see what next step we take and whether American can-do will chart a new course for everyone.

The Energy Future Coalition’s mission has been to “change the conversation” in Washington – away from well-worn points of partisan conflict, toward bipartisan recognition of the economic opportunity presented by clean energy. This theme of opportunity similarly animated the recent progress on climate change in the Paris Agreement, made on the basis of voluntary national commitments to action, taken in countries’ own economic and societal self-interest.

Initiatives launched by the Energy Future Coalition include Americans for a Clean Energy Grid, the 25x’25 Renewable Energy Alliance, and Solutions from the Land.

Greater recognition of this opportunity over the last 15 years has helped move the world several steps toward a brighter future, with increased access to cheaper, cleaner energy sources empowering human potential around the world.

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