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To meet this millennium’s tough global challenges we must be armed with good ideas. As such, the UN Foundation frequently enlists both internal experts and external thought leaders to produce publications that better illuminate the challenges we face and present fresh ideas for meeting those challenges.  Our publications, ranging from the seminal Sigma-Xi report on climate change to our survey of the use of mobile technology among NGOs, can be found below.




WTO Disciplines and Biofuels: Opportunities and Constraints in the Creation of a Global Marketplace

This paper examines how the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) might apply to the biofuels sector.

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Sustainable Biomass Energy: Technologies for Energy and Heat

A report by Öko-Institut e.V.,a private, non-profit environmental research organization founded in 1977.

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UNF Insights Issue 2-Paying their dues

A report discussing how, and how not, to pay the United Nations.

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Criteria for Sustainable Biomass Production

This report from the "Sustainable Production of Biomass" a project group commissioned by the Interdepartmental Programme Management Energy Transition to formulate sustainability criteria for the production and processing of biomass for energy,...

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UN Foundation-Overview 2005

A summary of the highlights of 2005 for the UN Foundation and the Better World Fund.

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Specific Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization: Oilseeds

This study analyzes how trade policy changes brought about by the Doha Development Round in the World Trade Organization will affect the environment in countries producing oilseeds, and how these effects might be addressed in advance by...

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Emerging Issues in the Interface between Trade, Climate Change and Sustainable Energy

A report on how the quest for a sustainable energy future is taking place against the backdrop of momentous economic, political and environmental change.

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Act II For U.S. Foreign Policy

Timothy E. Wirth focuses on where the U.S. should go from here; what are some of the big ideas and major trends that should shape a world in which we might feel safer, more stable, and more secure?

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The United Nations Foundation International Bioenergy Initiative

A report discussing how the Bioenergy Initiative integrates in-country resources and international markets to create economic opportunities for rural communities and developing nations.

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Coral Reef Action-Sustaining Communities Worldwide

A report by the The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), which works to halt and reverse the declining health of the world's coral reefs.

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