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To meet this millennium’s tough global challenges we must be armed with good ideas. As such, the UN Foundation frequently enlists both internal experts and external thought leaders to produce publications that better illuminate the challenges we face and present fresh ideas for meeting those challenges.  Our publications, ranging from the seminal Sigma-Xi report on climate change to our survey of the use of mobile technology among NGOs, can be found below.




Reducing the Global Nuclear Danger: International Cooperation, the Indispensable Security Imperative

Charles Curtis, President of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, writes that international cooperation is required to keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists and to thwarting nuclear proliferation.

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New Directions for Democracy Promotion

Despite the confusion and skepticism about U.S. democracy promotion efforts generated largely by the Iraq war and the outcome of elections in the Palestinian Authority, the United States must remain engaged in this important effort. In recent...

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Realizing the Potential of Energy Efficiency

A report that urges the G8 nations to increase their rate of energy efficiency improvement to 2.5 percent per year, provides a menu of proven policy options to help guide and inform national strategies, and suggests a framework for cooperation and...

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2007 Briefing Book: the U.S.-U.N. Relationship

A look at some of the key issues guiding the U.S.-U.N. Relationship for 2007-2008.

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An Examination of U.S. and EU Government Support to Biofuels: Early Lessons

This is a report on how U.S. and EU policies that shelter domestic agriculture risk limiting efforts to expedite cost-effective and sustainable uses of biofuels.

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US EU Biofuels Policy

A report on U.S. and EU policies that shelter domestic agriculture and how they risk limiting efforts to expedite cost-effective and sustainable uses of biofuels.

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UNF Insights Issue 6-Tackling Proliferation, Multilaterally

A report on how in North Korea and Iran, Security Council action has placed proliferators on the defensive.

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UNF Insights Issue 7 Renewing the US-UN Partnership against Terrorism

A report describing how many counter-terrorism experts often underestimate the contributions that the UN and other multilateral institutions make in the field of counter-terrorism.

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The Biofuels FAQ

A report discussing the economic benefits of breaking America's addiction to oil and how Plants and trees, known collectively as biomass, can be converted into transportation fuel.

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Framework for a Post-2012 Agreement for Climate Change

A document that proposes a broadly acceptable Framework for a Post-2012 Agreement on Climate Change.

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