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To meet this millennium’s tough global challenges we must be armed with good ideas. As such, the UN Foundation frequently enlists both internal experts and external thought leaders to produce publications that better illuminate the challenges we face and present fresh ideas for meeting those challenges.  Our publications, ranging from the seminal Sigma-Xi report on climate change to our survey of the use of mobile technology among NGOs, can be found below.




Energy Policy: Realistic Strategies for Our Future

Timothy E. Wirth remarks on energy strategy for the future.

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Biospan Bioenergy Workshop

A presentation from Abengoa, a technological company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in infrastructures, environment and energy sectors.

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Understanding Public-Private Partnerships

An outline of what was learned through a roundtable convened by the UN Foudnation on public-private partnerships involving senior leaders from the private sector, government, the international community and civil society.

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Subsidies and Trade

A Subsidies and Trade report from Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI).

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Children's Health-Support From the Ground Up

A report on the comittment of The United Nations Foundation to working with the United Nations to improve the well-being of children throughout the world.

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Five Year Annual Report

A five year annual report discussing The United Nations Foundation (UNF) and Better World Fund (BWF).

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Results 2000- A Journey Toward a Better World

A report discussing updates for UN Foundation and Better World Fund in 2000.

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