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The UN Foundation Reduces Child Mortality
The UN Foundation is working with the UN and private partners to advance leading health campaigns aimed at decreasing child mortality. Our efforts have saved millions of lives. Watch Dr. Steve Cochi's interview and visit our site to learn how you can help.

Pakistan Earthquake: TSF Deploys Emergency Telecommunications Specialists
Reacting to the 6.5 earthquake in Pakistan, Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF) deployed a team of emergency telecommunications specialists on 29 October 2008. During its 15-day humanitarian calling operation, TSF offered more than 500 calls so that those affected could give news to their family and ask for help. TSF also set up an emergency communications center providing internet and phone access for other relief groups working in the remote Balcohistan province. The United Nations Foundation and Vodafone Foundation Technology Partnership supported this mission through its Emergency Communications for Disaster Relief program.

Friends of World Heritage
World Heritage sites are the natural and cultural wonders of the world. Find out how you can protect these special places and learn about the communities who live near World Heritage sites.

Putting Technology to Work for the United Nations
The Vodafone Foundation and the United Nations Foundation work together to improve disaster relief communications and health data collection around the world through the use of mobile technology.

The Heroes of Virunga National Park
Virunga National Park is both the oldest and the largest national park in Africa, and it is the continent's longest inscribed World Heritage site. However, years of armed conflict and poaching have not only put the site itself in danger, but also the lives of the park rangers that guard one of the last strongholds of the endangered mountain gorilla.

Carbon Offsets
UN Foundation is carbon neutral. We offset the carbon we emit from staff travel, heating, cooling, and electricity consumption. We offset that carbon by planting trees in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.

Haiti: Emergency Communications for Disaster Relief
After four consecutive cyclones tore through the island nation of Haiti, TSF and WFP immediately deployed to the region to establish emergency telecommunications systems to support and help coordinate the relief efforts being carried out by humanitarian aid agencies working on the ground. TSF also ran a humanitarian calling operation, providing survivors with free satellite-based phone calls to reconnect with loved ones.

Traveling Responsibly Off the Beaten Path
Traveler Megan Lantz-Oh describes her experience doing volunteer work in Vietnam. This story shows the value of giving back to local communities. You can find out more about voluntourism and traveling responsibility online at

Life in African refugee camps
United Nations Foundation Senior Malaria Advisor Kevin Starace talks about his experiences seeing refugee camps in Africa. Malaria is the number one cause of death and illness among refugees living in Africa. Bed nets are the best and most cost effective way to prevent malaria.

Interview with Awa Dieng of
The UN Foundation-Vodafone Foundation Partnership supports's groundbreaking mobile data products that serve public health and international development.

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