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Global Partners for Emergency Communications
The Vodafone Group Foundation and UN Foundation Technology Partnership joins World Food Programme to improve communications during humanitarian crises.

Much Needed Bednets Distributed in Chad
Kevin Starace of the UN Foundation and Nothing But Nets travels to Chad for an emergency distribution of bed nets to IDPs displaced by the conflict in Darfur. He explains the bed net distribution process and how our partner, the Measles Initiative makes it happen.

Maldives Fights Climate Change
Climate change is a serious threat to low lying islands like Maldives whose landmass is close to sea level. The projected rise in sea level over the next century due to climate change is commonly agreed to be about one meter. The highest point on this island nation is one meter. Learn more about the existential threat of climate change on this island and learn more about how the country is pressing for global action on climate change.

Plug In Hybrid Electric Cars
Brookings Institution expert David Sandalow demonstrates his plug in hybrid electric car and talks about his book, Freedom from Oil

Ban Ki-moon Visits the United Nations Foundation
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, discusses the value of the United Nations Foundation as he visits Foundation staff and tours the office.

National Geographic-- Catastropic Climate Chage
Together -- national geographic, IPCC, UN and UN Foundation -- have produced a new short film outlining the facts, showing the impacts and providing a way forward in combating catastrophic climate change. Watch this call to action for world leadership on climate change. It's a moving tribute to the UN scientific reports that erased any doubt over global warming's existence, and helped shove climate change to the top of the international agenda.

Nothing But Nets- It Only Takes a Net to Save a Life
A Public Service Announcement for Nothing But Nets, a grassroots campaign to fight malaria

Nothing But Nets- How Nets Make a Difference
A Public Service Announcement for Nothing But Nets, a grassroots campaign to fight malaria

Nothing But Nets Malaria Boot Camp-- Chicago
Nothing But Nets, a grassroots campaign to fight malaria, heads to Chicago. Hosted by the Chicago Bulls, Nothing But Nets held a bootcamp to teach kids about how easy it is to save lives by sending mosquito nets to africa.

Nothing But Nets Press Conference : Chicago, IL
The Nothing But Nets campaign and Chicago Bulls Small Forward Luol Deng announce an urgent appeal for bed nets in Chad.

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