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Support the UN Humanitarian Country-Based Pooled Funds

Support the UN Humanitarian Country-Based Pooled Funds

Country-based pooled funds (CBPFs) are multi-donor funds that operate in countries affected by humanitarian crises. CBPFs are established when a new emergency occurs or when an existing humanitarian situation worsens in degree and complexity. Resources are pooled and un-earmarked, empowering donors both big and small to support humanitarian organizations in providing lifesaving aid to those who need it most.

CBPFs provide funding to the most critical humanitarian priorities based on expert advice from aid workers and agreed planning strategies. Funding decisions are made on the ground, allowing CBPFs to respond to evolving needs and to address critical gaps not covered by other humanitarian funding. This enables the humanitarian community to better reach the most vulnerable and to use available resources more effectively and efficiently.

Through the CBPFs, funding is provided to national and international NGOs, organizations of the Red Cross / Red Crescent, and UN agencies and IOM. Those experienced aid agencies are familiar with context and needs, and can make informed decisions on the ground as to how funds should be spent.

Please support global relief efforts by donating to country-based pooled funds and allow humanitarian agencies to help people in need quickly and effectively.

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