Global Problems Can be Solved

Support the UN Foundation

The United Nations Foundation is a platform for linking the generous and invaluable contributions of thousands of private supporters with the UN’s life-saving work. Our efforts have mobilized hundreds of millions of dollars for global health, women's empowerment, clean energy and stronger U.S.-UN Relations. Since 1998, the Foundation has established more than 300 programmatic partnerships and worked with more than 40 UN agencies and 100 governments around the world.

The UN Foundation has proven to be a successful model for bringing together NGOs, governments, corporations and individual philanthropists to help the UN advance innovative solutions to critical global problems.

We have emerged over the past ten years as an important conduit for hundreds of millions of new and additional funds for UN activities. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the UN Foundation has honed its expertise in financial stewardship so that donors can have complete confidence in our fiduciary services and financial controls. We make it safe and easy for individual, foundation and business partners to support UN programs and international activities. Our effective systems of financial accountability and oversight, and regular reporting mechanisms have earned us “gold standard” ratings by charity watchdogs.

The UN Foundation is seeking to involve the world’s most thoughtful leaders and decision-makers who understand the scope of the problems ahead and who share its entrepreneurial spirit. Together we need to broaden our role in an interdependent global future that is peaceful, prosperous and just. The Foundation is also eager to apply its partnership platform to new and different UN causes, so that it can continue to support and strengthen the UN by leveraging its unique and trusted position in the international community.

To learn more about supporting the UN Foundation through an official partnership, please send a message to