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Building A Roadmap: Research Collaboration for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Building a Roadmap

Building A Roadmap: Research Collaboration for Women’s Economic Empowerment

The United Nations Foundation and the ExxonMobil Foundation joined forces in early 2012 to create a roadmap to catalyze program and policy action for women’s economic empowerment.  Each organization has invested millions of dollars and years of focus on enhancing the lives of women in developing countries. Building on our shared interests and expertise, this research initiative engages partners across the research and practitioner communities to produce rigorous and practical recommendations for action.

The Evidence Gap

Current research has highlighted the impact of gender inequalities on countries’ economic development and has made a compelling case for investing in programs that increase women’s economic opportunities. However, there is still a crucial knowledge gap: identifying which programs are most effective in pursuing this goal. This initiative helps close this gap by supporting research that gathers the best available evidence on policy and program interventions to help guide smart investments. 

Research Framework and Partners

Led by internationally recognized gender and social development expert Mayra Buvinic, this research brings together more than 35 development economists and other international experts from top universities, international agencies and non-profit organizations to conduct 17 different review and empirical studies.

The final evidence-based report will be released in 2013. It will be shared widely and will include a “Roadmap” for investments in program interventions and future areas of research.

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