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Laura Liswood: Founder and Secretary General, 1996-Present

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Laura Liswood: Founder and Secretary General, 1996-Present

In 1996, Laura Liswood helped co-found the Council of Women World Leaders by becoming the Secretary General, a role that she has held since then. A committed advocate of female inclusion and leadership in the highest echelons of politics, she has been involved in numerous organizations promoting women in politics, including the Women’s Leadership Project and The White House Project. From 2001-2015, Liswood was appointed Managing Director of Global Leadership and Diversity for Goldman Sachs and became a Senior Advisor for the company. Throughout her career she has written two books on business practices, Serving Them Right (1991) and The Loudest Duck (2009) as well as a book about female heads of state called Women World Leaders (1996, 2007, 2009) that was also produced as a documentary that chronicled her journey to meet all of the living women heads of state and government. Liswood recently retired as a reserve police officer for the DC Metro Police Department at the rank of Sergeant.

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