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Tarja Halonen: Chair Emerita, President, Finland, 2000-2012

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Tarja Halonen: Chair Emerita, President, Finland, 2000-2012

Tarja Halonen served as the eleventh President of Finland, making her the first woman to have won that office. Halonen entered politics in 1974, when she became Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa. Halonen later became Chair of the Finnish National Organization for Sexual Equality. From 1977 to 1996 she was a member of the Helsinki City Council, and in 1979, she was elected to Parliament as a candidate from the Social Democratic Party (SDP). While retaining her parliamentary seat, Halonen broadened her experience in domestic and international politics by holding a number of Cabinet posts. Before her appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister (1995-2000), she had served as Minister of Social Affairs and Health (1987–90), Minister for Nordic Cooperation (1989–91), and Minister of Justice (1990–91). In 2010 she was appointed co-chair of a UN High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability.

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