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Kim Campbell: Chair Emerita, Prime Minister, Canada, 1993

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Kim Campbell: Chair Emerita, Prime Minister, Canada, 1993

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell was the first and only female Prime Minister of Canda, and only the second woman to sit at the table of G7 leaders. Campbell served at all three levels of Canadian government, and began her political life as a Trustee, Chair, and Vice-Chair of the Vancouver School Board in the early 1980's. After serving in the provincial legislature, she went on to the Canadian Parliament. There she served as Minister of State for Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Minister of Justice, Attorney-General, and Minister of National Defense. She was the first woman to hold the Canadian Justice and Defense portfolios, and the first woman Minster of Defense of a NATO country.

From 1996-2000, Campbell served as Consul General to Los Angeles. Before her political career, Campbell lectured classes on political science at the University of British Columbia and at Vancouver Community College, and following her term as Consul General, she taught at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Campbell has served as President of the International Women's Forum, Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders, and as a board member with the Intenational Crisis Group and several other international organizations. She is also a founding member of the Council of Women World Leaders and has served in several leadership positions, such as Secretary-General of the Club of Madrid.

Campbell has been listed as one of the 50 Most Important Political Leaders in History in the National Geographic Society's Almanac of World History. She has received numerous honorary fellowships and doctorates and is a bestselling author. Campbell became the founding principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership Colege at the University of Alberta in 2014.

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