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Luísa Dias Diogo: Prime Minister, Mozambique, 2004-2010

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Luísa Dias Diogo: Prime Minister, Mozambique, 2004-2010

Luísa Dias Diogo became the first woman Prime Minister of Mozambique in 2004, representing the country’s FRELIMO party, which has ruled the country since the nation’s independence in 1975. During her time in power, she was especially focused on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Prime Minister Diogo urged African health ministers to offer reproductive and sexual health services free of charge throughout the continent. She recently launched the MUNIPA network, which brings together women ministers and parliamentarians to strengthen advocacy and lobbying activities in favor of gender equality legislation. Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Dias was Minister of Planning and Finance, a post which she held until 2005. Before that, she served as head of Mozambique’s Finance Industry and Director of the National Budget, a World Bank program officer, and Deputy Finance Minister.