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Erna Solberg: Prime Minister, Norway, 2013 - Present

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Erna Solberg: Prime Minister, Norway, 2013 - Present

Erna Solberg was elected Prime Minister of Norway in 2013, and became the second woman to hold the esteemed office. Solberg has a legacy of political involvement. She led the Students' League of the Conservative Party while at the University of Bergen and chaired municipal chapters of the Young Conservatives as well as the Conservative Party. She was involved in the Bergen City Council from 1979-1983 and 1987-1989, was first elected to Parliament in 1989, and subsequently rose to head the Conservative party in 2004. Solberg additionally served as the leader of Norway's Conservative Women's association in the period of 1994-1998. From 2001-2005 she served on the Bondevik cabinet as the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. As Prime Minister, Erna Solberg has taken a vested interest in immigration policy. Solberg has two children and splits her time between Oslo and her hometown of Bergen.

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