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Eugenia Charles: Prime Minister, Dominica, 1980-1995, d.2005

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Eugenia Charles: Prime Minister, Dominica, 1980-1995, d.2005

IN MEMORY: Eugenia Charles was the Prime Minister of Dominica from July 21, 1980 until June 4, 1995. She was the first female prime minister in The Caribbean, and the first woman elected in her own right as head of government in North America. Eugenia Charles studied overseas; she went to the University College of the University of Toronto and received a B.A. in law. She continued her studies of law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. When she returned home in 1949, she became the first female lawyer on this Caribbean island. She began campaigning in politics during the 1960’s against restrictions on press freedom. She helped to found the Dominica Freedom Party, which she served as leader from the early 1970’s until 1995. She was elected to Parliament in 1970. The most important issues to her were social welfare programs, anti-corruption measures and individual freedom. Eugenia Charles died on September 6, 2005.