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Corazon Aquino: President, Philippines, 1986-1992 d.2009

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Corazon Aquino: President, Philippines, 1986-1992 d.2009

IN MEMORY: Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuanco Aquino was the 11th President of the Philippines and the first female president in the Philippines as well as the continent of Asia. She led the 1986 People Power Revolution, which toppled Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy in the Philippines, and was subsequently named 1986 "Woman of the Year" by Time magazine. As President, Aquino oversaw the promulgation of a new constitution, which limited the powers of the presidency and established a bicameral legislature, essentially democratizing the Philippines. In 2008, Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer from which she died on August 1, 2009. She is fondly remembered as "the mother of Filipino democracy" and "the housewife who led a revolution."