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Eradicating Poverty in an Ageing World: Recommendations for the UN Secretary General Report on Post-2015 - by AARP

“As the international community embarks on an effort to articulate the post-2015 development agenda, it is clear that the issue of population ageing should be fully addressed as part of this process…population ageing can no longer be ignored.” (UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Preface to Ageing in the 21st Century)

We welcome the ambition of the High-Level Panel and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network reports on the post-2015 agenda. The proposals have the potential to make a significant difference to the lives of people of all ages. The plans to eradicate poverty and deliver sustainable development for all people in all countries must take account of the rapid ageing of the world’s population, which is happening most rapidly in developing countries. The effectiveness of current and future development goals is threatened by the UN not addressing the significance of population ageing more clearly. (To continue, please open PDF)


Is there a Seat at the Table for the Food & Beverage Industry in the Global Fight against Obesity?

Dr. Derek Yach addressed this question, during a debate with Kelly Brownell of Yale, which took place in November at the Council on Foreign Relations. Below are Derek’s responses.

Proposition 1: "There is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the food and beverage industry¹s interests and public health policy interests on obesity."

For the purposes of Proposition 1 I include under the broad category of the “food and beverage industry,” manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and food service providers. I suspect that there are some who will focus on the contribution that the industry makes to provide a wide range of snacks and treats of low to no nutritional value. That is important to address. But it misses a bigger picture. (To continue, please open PDF)