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Business Council for the United Nations (BCUN)

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The Business Council for the United Nations is a catalyst  for action,understanding, and innovative business opportunities between member companies and the United Nations. BCUN advances the shared interests of the UN and the business community, with the goal of working toward a more healthy, prosperous, and secure world.

The UN recognizes that the private sector is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Similarly, corporations are creating or expanding their efforts towards sustainability and aligning their business models with the new SDG Agenda. Collaboration across sectors is more critical than ever and BCUN is, alongside UN entities such

as the UN Global Compact, an able facilitator for corporate engagement on the SDGs. BCUN provides its members with unique opportunities to directly connect with the United Nations and its network of agencies and country representatives. Our relationships with key policy makers and diplomats at the UN who work on global subjects of interest to our member companies allow relevant and current information exchange. BCUN encourages informal and candid discussions at our regular panel luncheons and other activities to create a dialogue between UN, government and private sector leaders.

Founded in 1958, BCUN became an official program of the United Nations Foundation in 2010.

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