The Promise of #SocialGood…and why it lives in Rio this year

March 14, 2012 BY Aaron Sherinian


The promise of social media is that people and communities around the planet can unite, express and engage in ways never possible before.  Why not take this promise to some of the most important gatherings happening in our world today?  This year, a meeting of historic proportions will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Rio+20 Summit will bring together world leaders as the UN tackles some of the biggest issues of our time. The biggest question on the table is: How do we create...thrive? In the past, these discussions would have been reserved for elected leaders and a handful of dedicated NGOs.  This year, however, the conversation goes global.  Rio+Social, an event that brings together the top digital influencers from Latin America and around the world, will facilitate the dialogue.

This is so much more than a collection of clicks – it is the gathering of smart, productive conversations that can give an important voice to everyone around the world.  The meeting will be the culmination of a broader exchange that takes place over the next 100 days leading up to Rio+20.  Analysis and commentary about the discussion will be inspired by the community that forms around Rio+20, and people will be able to answer questions about issues ranging from energy and the environment, technology and social media’s role in positive global change, and much more.
The Social Good Summit series (held each year around the UN General Assembly) helped inspire this event – and Rio+Social will expand it to a new, exciting level.  Partnering with Mashable, 92Y and with innovative sponsors, including Ericsson and EDP, this event opens the Rio+20 conversation to all of us.  The power of participation through social media will ensure that Rio+20 is on everyone’s screen (whether laptop, cell phone or tablet) and is therefore at the top of the global agenda this year.
Whether or not everyone has realized it, everyone’s future is being talked about in Rio this June.  The UN is working hard to ensure that the future we want is a future that includes all of us.  The conversation is about all of us, so we all should be a part of it.  Join our facebook page and Twitter feed now to be part of the Rio+Social community!


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Submitted by alao emmanuel on: March 16, 2012 Let people know the firsthand the cost of war in in the lives of human. It's time to invest in Peace making.
Submitted by Warren on: March 14, 2012 Enjoyed reading your post, Aaron. I am deeply concerned about the state of our world given the impact of global warming and feel more people should be aware of what we're doing to the planet.
Submitted by Ashley on: March 14, 2012 What an inspiring little girl! It's great to see young people taking a stand for such an important issue. Excited to take part in all the great dialogue from Rio+20 Social.

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