Stand Up with Millions for Water Day this Week

March 22, 2012 BY Erin Swanson


I grew up playing in sprinklers, having water balloon fights, going to the pool, and taking baths. Water — clean water — was so abundant in my everyday life that I didn’t really even notice.

It wasn’t until I learned how to build a water filter my senior year of college that my eyes were opened: “Right now, people are dying from dirty water that they had no choice but to drink? It was this cheap and simple to help?” My life was forever changed. And I felt like I knew so many people who would be willing to get behind this with me.

It’s shocking that in 2012, as advanced as our technologies and infrastructure has become, that something as simple and basic as clean water is lacking for nearly a billion people. In fact, our toilet water is more drinkable than what they have. And more people on our planet have a mobile phone than a toilet.

The one thing great thing about the global water crisis is we aren’t waiting on a cure. We have the solutions, today. And they are simple and cost effective. We just need more and more people like you to be aware, committed to spreading the word, and ending this preventable crisis.  Are you willing to get behind this with me?

World Water Day

World Water Day is today.  Millions are already standing up in the name of clean water for all. Donate your voice on Facebook and Twitter to join in the celebration, March 19-24.

It’s so exciting. Progress is being made, and our reach continues to grow. From a modest start, now more than 35,000 people over the past few years have signed up to "Donate their Voice" to fight the water crisis. These efforts generated more than 45 million online impressions, raised the visibility of the water crisis to historic heights, and most importantly, provoked conversations.

Thank you for joining us for this exciting time of year to make a difference. Let’s end this crisis!

Happy Water Week,
Erin Swanson Marketing Programs Manager

P.S. Thirsting to do more? Celebrate by bringing one person clean water for life for only $25, or by getting festive and using one of our fun Facebook Timeline Cover Photos, pinning our Pinterest posters, or switching out your Twitter background. To stay in the loop beyond Water Day, sign up for our monthly update, Follow, or Like us. We’re honored to work beside you!


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