Shop At Target and Support Girl Up!

July 6, 2012 BY Dayna Geldwert


Looking for a place to go during this heat wave? Check out your nearest Target and support Girl Up!

With the new school year coming up around the corner, Girl Up and their partner CLEAN & CLEAR® are excited to announce an exclusive deal at Target for back-to-school shoppers!

Buy any two CLEAN & CLEAR® products at your neighborhood Target and receive a cute tote bag featuring the Girl Up campaign! This exclusive deal starts mid-July and runs through early September.

With every CLEAN & CLEAR® Girl Up tote, you will be raising awareness of United Nations programs in Guatemala that are focused on educating girls and providing them with mentoring opportunities and internships.

Did you know that more than 2 million children in Guatemala do not attend school and only 1 in 10 girls are enrolled in secondary education? Of Guatemalan teen girls, 14% don’t have access to education at all.

For girls in developing countries, going to school can be more than just an opportunity to be educated — it can mean avoiding long work hours, staying healthy, and the possibility of getting a job that otherwise would not be possible.

Be sure to stop in a Target near you — with this exclusive deal, you will be looking good, feeling good and doing good!


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