Sarah Green

Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Empact

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Sarah Green is a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer at Empact, a social enterprise that facilitates a culture of entrepreneurship in communities across the world through exposure, celebration and early stage startup support. 

Among other ventures, Sarah is the co-founder of the  Empact Summit, Empact100, the Empact Pledge, and the Virtual Speaker Series.

Sarah is very passionate about two major things in life:

  1. Helping young people to fulfill their potential in life.  Her life’s manifesto is, If you are pursuing a career about which you have no passion, you are either pursuing someone else’s dream or pursuing someone else’s dream for you.  It is important for us not to settle, but to be persistent and resolute in our journey to create our own careers and jobs for which we have a passion; for that is the only way we will truly change the world.
  2. Traveling the world and learning as much as possible about people with different backgrounds and cultures and how their entrepreneurial journey is the key to eradicating world poverty. Sarah has studied abroad in Europe, worked in East Africa, and back-packed through Central America.  Because of her international experiences, Sarah developed a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and enterprise based solutions to poverty.

Fun Fact: Sarah has bungee-jumped over the Nile River in Uganda.

Blog Posts by Sarah Green

Creating Cultures of Entrepreneurship in Communities Around the World
There are many definitions of entrepreneurship: - Something done to create value in a society - Enterprising to make a lot of money - Creating something new or building an organization to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty - The big one today: job creation
September 10, 2012