Richenda Van Leeuwen

Executive Director, Energy and Climate, Energy Access Initiative, United Nations Foundation

Richenda Van Leeuwen is Executive Director, Energy and Climate, Energy Access Initiative team overseeing the UN Foundation's work on energy access. She joined the UN Foundation in 2010 from Good Energies, a global renewable energy investment company. A sought out speaker on energy access and poverty issues, she has over 20 years of executive management experience with the UN, private sector and non-profits on several continents.

Ms. Van Leeuwen has a range of expertise encompassing not only emerging markets commercial investment in renewable energy technologies, but also the application of a range of renewable energy technologies for poverty alleviation, including business, financing and investment models to support scaling of Base of the Pyramid markets in developing countries. She also has many years of experience leading  micro, small and medium sized enterprise investment activities and projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas with a focus on gender equity, as well as experience in refugee issues and post-conflict reconstruction particularly gained in SE Asia and the Balkans. She currently serves on the board of SELCO India, a leading renewable energy social enterprise focusing on energy solutions for poor families in India.

Blog Posts by Richenda Van Leeuwen

Building (Sustainable) Energy for #GivingTuesday
Did you know that 1.3 billion people – one in five globally – have no access to electricity? Some 95% of them live in sub-Saharan Africa or developing Asia. The world’s poorest are already paying the most as a proportion of their household income for inadequate, dangerous and unhealthy sources of energy.
November 27, 2012

Powering Better Futures for Girls
Imagine life without electricity or modern fuels – no light at night, only fuelwood to cook with. Imagine life as a woman without electricity or modern fuels – driven by culture and necessity to spend your days gathering fuel and water and living in a smoky environment that is dangerous to your family and your health.
October 11, 2012