Mandy Sugrue

Community Health Manager, mHealth Alliance

Mandy Sugrue

Mandy came to the mHealth Alliance with over six years of communications experience. Prior to joining the Alliance, she worked on the digital team at Fenton Communications, designing and implementing online and communications strategies for public interest organizations, such as the Ford Foundation, Alta Gracia, and the Pew Environment Group. Mandy's experience also includes field and volunteer management for a gubernatorial campaign, NGO fundraising and event planning, and graphic design. She became involved with mHealth while working with the Half the Sky Movement, assisting in the creation of mobile games as part of a transmedia project aimed at aiding international health and development education. Born in Peru and raised in Guatemala for a time, she has a love for travel as well as cooking, design, and coffee.

Fun Fact: On top of doing an amazing impression of Will Ferrell, Mandy is also an "accomplished" triathlete (a.k.a. she's completed one without collapsing).

Blog Posts by Mandy Sugrue

Where is the evidence?
Evidence has been a long-term strategic priority for the mHealth Alliance, but right now it seems many people in the global health and development communities are refocusing on evidence and thinking about how to do a better job of measuring impact.
February 6, 2013

Driving Change on Mobile Innovation – Join the Global Conversation!
As it currently stands the mHealth (mobile phones for health) field is fairly fragmented. The term “thousand flowers bloom” is a commonly coined phrase at this point. This is a far leap from where we were not too long ago--Where conference goers and thought leaders in the mHealth community were advocating on the power of mobile technology as a global health solution.
January 11, 2013