Learning from India: Growth, Innovation, Sustainability

March 26, 2012 BY Aaron Sherinian


When global leaders come together to talk about how to help the United Nations solve the world's most pressing problems, it can create a considerable amount of excitement. That is exactly what is happening here on the Infosys campus in Bangalore, India, where the UN Foundation Board is meeting. The Board has been in discussions with senior leaders of Infosys regarding ways that technology and innovation are helping drive economic progress and build a sustainable, more equitable future for people around the world. Innovation and sustainability will be key themes of the ongoing sessions here in India as the UN Foundation examines ways to leverage technology to help connect people, resources, and ideas to support UN programs around the world.

Meeting in India at this time is particularly poignant as the country is poised for significant economic growth over the next few decades. Questions of how to link growth with sustainability while confronting global issues such as energy access, climate change, global health, peace and security are core to the Foundation’s mission as well as India’s bright future. With those important goals in mind, the role of modern philanthropy, and the lessons learned from the UN Foundation and its support for UN causes and programs, are sure to be part of the dialogue with colleagues in India and around the world.    


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