Leap Into Action This Leap Year

February 29, 2012 BY Maureen McNally


2012 is a leap year. This means we have an "extra" day to support the work of the United Nations to create a better world. Day after day, UN agencies leap into action, playing a key role in solving the most challenging global problems. Check out the great work the UN does every single day to create a safer, healthier, and more peaceful world for everyone!Tell us what you're doing today to support the UN.


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Submitted by Michael on: December 14, 2012 The UN does a very valuable job for peace and human well-being in the world. Could it be improved? Absolutely. Should the UN grow, evolve, improve and do more, more assertively? Yes. What should be our attitude to those who strive to undermine this kind of co-operative effort among nations, because they believe in ultra-nationalism, bigotry, hatred and war? We should do everything we can to combat their destructive, toxic agenda and push them back.
Submitted by Joseph H. on: March 6, 2012 Wow, this is a great way to show how important the UN is in bettering the world! Kudos to the UN Foundation for the work you do to support the UN.
Submitted by Vadivelu Babu on: March 5, 2012 Maintain a zero tolerance for Human rights. Right now UN is ready to dictate only to suppressed soceity and obey to the oppressors. In the past 15 years we lost almost 2 million pinnocent people due to the negligence of UN. A good example in 2009 the UN backed off from Tamil land in Sri Lanka to help the opressor of minorities to massacre more than 100000 in no time and never contested or forced the Sri Lanka Government to allow the UN representatives and purposely allowed Sri Lanka to destroy all the evidence till today of War Crimes and made a hue and cry after three years as if it is going to do something. I fsiled in its main duties. Do we really need a UN and UN Secretary Genearal even after this kind of mis-handling.
Submitted by Brian Gilbert on: February 29, 2012 And this is why we should continue to fund the United Nations. Great work to both you and the UN.
Submitted by Monica Steward on: February 29, 2012 The world needs the UN now more than ever. Thank you for your help
Submitted by Jessica Bishop on: February 29, 2012 This is amazing! It is great to see the UN doing so much great work around the world. Happy leap day to everybody at UNF!

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