Jenni Lee

Senior Communications Officer, United Nations Foundation

Jenni Lee

Jenni Lee is a senior communications officer at the United Nations Foundation focused on writing and editing.  Prior to joining the UN Foundation, Jenni worked as a speechwriter at the U.S. Department of Energy.  She has also previously worked in communications on Capitol Hill and on the presidential campaign trail.

Jenni holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Communications from The George Washington University.

Fun fact:  Jenni learned how to do the “Running Man” dance move by watching YouTube instructional videos.  She has not had the same luck with the “Moonwalk.”

Blog Posts by Jenni Lee

New Year’s Resolution
Happy New Year from the UN Foundation! This year, we resolve to support the United Nations in its lifesaving work.
January 1, 2014

5 Inspiring Moments from 2013
In a world filled with daunting challenges, these stories (in no particular order) inspired us to hope – and to act – for a better world.
December 19, 2013

Shocking Statistic of the Day
Worldwide, 2.5 billion people don’t have access to basic sanitation like toilets and latrines. As UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, a leading advocate for clean water and sanitation, points out, “More people have cell phones than toilets in today's world.”
November 18, 2013

Progress on family planning – and why it matters
This week, thousands of researchers, development experts, policymakers, and others are gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss one of the most important global issues: family planning. Around the world, more than 220 million women want, but don’t have access to, modern contraception – which means they aren’t able to decide the timing and spacing of their families. Denying them this basic human right has far-reaching effects for themselves, their families, their communities, and their countries.
November 13, 2013

Guess what they’re saying about the UN
Yesterday marked the 68th anniversary of the United Nations, and people were talking. Around the globe, citizens raised their voices in support of the UN’s incredible work to promote globe peace and progress.
October 25, 2013

5 reasons to care about polio
A recent polio outbreak in the Horn of Africa serves as a reminder that this crippling disease still exists and is actively threatening children. While there is no cure for polio, vaccines protect children from the disease for life.
October 22, 2013

Ending Extreme Poverty
Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and a fitting time to learn about where we are in the fight to end poverty.
October 17, 2013

Reducing Hunger and Poverty in Today's World
Today marks World Food Day – a day established by the United Nations to focus the world’s attention on hunger and food security. To get up to speed on where we are in the fight against hunger and how we can increase progress, the UN Foundation recently spoke to Zak Bleicher, a Partnership Officer in the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development.
October 16, 2013

One Action for the Millennium Development Goals
With 808 days until the target date to achieve the MDGs – eight goals embraced by governments and the UN in 2000 to reduce poverty, hunger, gender inequality, preventable deaths, and environmental degradation by 2015 – it’s a question at the top of many minds.
October 14, 2013

7 Lessons from the Social Good Summit
I came back from last week’s Social Good Summit full of ideas and to-do lists, but most importantly, with seven lessons that inspire me to work harder and to keep up hope that we can solve big challenges.
September 28, 2013

3 Amazing Moments from the Social Good Summit
It’s the final day of the Social Good Summit, and we’ve got a great line-up of presentations happening throughout the day, from panels on Syrian refugees to ending hunger to “ocean versus space.”
September 24, 2013

What’s the Word out of Social Good Summit Day 2?

September 23, 2013

Here we go! The Social Good Summit starts today
Get ready to be inspired! The Social Good Summit kicks off at noon ET today, and we’ve got an amazing lineup of speakers to talk about the future we want in 2030 and how each of us can take action today to make it happen.
September 22, 2013

Listening In: 7 Inspiring Quotes
Check out a few highlights from the first hours of the summit, and watch the summit the remainder of the summit (happening September 22-24) live at
September 22, 2013

Social Good Summit Day One
We just wrapped up the first day of the Social Good Summit in New York, but the conversation continues around the world.
September 22, 2013

What should world leaders talk about next week?
What issues should be discussed to advance the development agenda? Skoll World Forum, partnering with the United Nations Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Huffington Post, asked a group of experts for their ideas.
September 18, 2013

Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Photos Coming Your Way!
Cats. Food. Sunsets. More cats. These are a few of the things that pop up on my Instagram photo feed. But I’m excited for something new: #Instacorps!
September 13, 2013

6 Reasons to Care about Measles
Growing up, my parents worried that I would tumble and break my arm or suffocate when I fell asleep in my mashed potatoes (true story); they never had to worry that I would contract measles because we had easy access to vaccines.
September 10, 2013

Ask the Experts: How to Make Progress on the Health MDGs
With less than 900 days to go until the target date to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the world’s “to-do list” to fight extreme poverty, it’s time for all of us to step up our efforts – especially when it comes to the health MDGs (MDGs 4, 5, and 6).
September 4, 2013

50 Years After "I Have a Dream": Continuing to Inspire
On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, overlooking a sea of people, and delivered words that have reverberated through time.
August 28, 2013

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