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We believe that every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life. We believe that tremendous progress is happening, but there are still great inequities we’re impatient to see addressed. We also believe that educating and engaging in thoughtful conversations about these issues—global health, global development, and U.S. education—can help shine a light on what’s working, and, we hope, save lives.

And so, Impatient Optimists features the work of the foundation’s grantees, partners, leadership, and staff, as well as other bloggers, to provide commentary and insight on these issues. On this blog you’ll find stories from the people working every day to help alleviate poverty, to help promote health, and to help every student in the United States realize his or her full potential.

These are urgent problems that require innovative solutions. If you are a community health worker, a mother interested in maternal health, a reporter skeptical about the value of foreign aid, a farmer, a policymaker wanting to discover what works, a teacher, a scientist looking to discuss recent findings, one of our many valued partners, or just someone interested in any of these topics—we want this to be your space to engage with others and discuss these vital issues.

Blog Posts by Impatient Optimists

Polio in Syria: An Urgent Reminder To End Polio At Its Source
I was saddened to learn yesterday of a tragic development in the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. The World Health Organization reports that polio, a crippling and often deadly virus, has resurfaced 14 years after being driven from the country.
November 1, 2013

What's Your Method?: A Blog Series on Contraception
What's Your Method? is a blog series that offers a window into many of the contraceptive options for women and girls around the world.
February 25, 2013