How Amanda Peet Is Helping Children Everywhere — and How You Can, Too

August 5, 2013 BY Amanda Peet


When our daughter Frankie turned 5, it felt like suddenly a window opened up to her future. We were flooded with thoughts of how her personality would start to unfold as she grew older, and of who she could become. At 5 we started to get a glimpse of who that person will be... Read the rest of Amanda Peet's blog at

Editor’s Note: Throughout August, top bloggers are using their voices to help protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases as part of “Blogust,” a month-long digital dialogue organized by the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. Every time you leave a comment on any of these blog posts, Walgreens will donate a vaccine (up to 50,000 vaccines) to help give children around the world a shot at a healthy life. Comments only count when they are left on the direct Blogust post.


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