Erin Swanson

Marketing Programs Manager,

Erin Swanson

Erin Swanson is responsible for developing and managing’s online presence, community, and partnerships, as well as collaborating with the rest of the team to best connect people to in dynamic and simple ways.

In the fall of 2007, Erin accepted an internship at Convoy of Hope that took her to the Philippines and China. This experience opened up a whole new direction her life when she learned how to build a bio-sand water filter. Building these sustainable, simple, and cheap filters that could change and potentially save lives infused her with excitement. There was a magnitude of people in the world that were sick and dying from lack of safe water and sanitation – a perfectly preventable problem – and it blew her mind. Who was actively working to solve this?

Upon Erin’s return to the states, she began to research into the vast and growing water and sanitation sector to see if she would be interested in being a part of their work. She found online (then called WaterPartners before merging with H2O Africa in July 2009), and was immediately impressed by their long-established work, vision and mission, projects, execution, reputation, and evidently growing success that stood out and spoke for itself amidst other organizations in this field.

Fun fact: Erin has been playing the viola since 5th grade, and still loves to play any way she can, whether jamming with friends, playing on a band’s recording, or in a wedding quartet.

Blog Posts by Erin Swanson

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I grew up playing in sprinklers, having water balloon fights, going to the pool, and taking baths. Water — clean water — was so abundant in my everyday life that I didn’t really even notice.
March 22, 2012