Devi R. Thomas

Director, Shot@Life

Devi Thomas

Devi Ramachandran Thomas joined the UN Foundation in May 2011 as Director of Shot@Life, to manage the campaign and oversee the daily programmatic, communications, marketing, and fundraising needs of the campaign. Prior to joining the Foundation, Devi worked as a senior consultant in sustainability and cause marketing strategies. She also held the position of Director of Cause Branding at Cone, Inc, a leading cause communications agency where she specialized in corporate cause marketing campaigns and public-private partnerships.  For over seven years, Devi has led strategic marketing, corporate social responsibility and shared value philanthropic campaigns, including work for clients such as Pfizer, ITT Corporation, Wal-Mart, and Western Union. She has worked on award-winning campaigns including ITT Watermark, ITT’s signature corporate citizenship program and Western Union’s Our World Our Family. She previously worked in marketing and communications at the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City where she helped build the Inner City 100 brand. Devi holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and a Masters of International Relations from Boston University. She is a mother of a young boy who receives his vaccinations right on schedule.

Blog Posts by Devi R. Thomas

Let’s get this party started
Shot@Life officially launched one year ago during World Immunization Week! This year, bloggers from across the country are joining in the celebration by sharing stories of Shot@Life Champions and the work they are doing to help children around the world get a shot at a healthy life...
April 24, 2013

Be part of something big
Today, humanitarians and health experts are gathering in Abu Dhabi for the first-ever Global Vaccines Summit. We already know that vaccines work, now let’s help make sure every child has a healthy shot at life by telling world leaders that increasing access to global vaccines is important to us.
April 24, 2013

Moms meet fashion. Fashion meets causes.
NY Fashion Week was transformed this week. There was still high fashion, a runway and even a stylist and a make-up team. But at Strut - The Fashionable Mom Show, there were also moms from all walks of life who do extraordinary things. My role in the fashion show was to showcase much more than evening wear – I was showcasing Shot@Life
September 12, 2012