Back to School: A New Way to Learn about mHealth

August 30, 2012 BY Sarah Struble



Are you new to mHealth and want to learn more? Or are you well-established in the field and want to bounce ideas off of a cross-section of the community?  If so, check out the mHealth Alliance’s new online course, which we have developed with TechChange, the Institute for Technology and Social Change.  It will run from November 12-December 7, with a special session coinciding with the 2012 mHealth Summit, which is taking place December 3-5 in the DC area.

To develop the curriculum for TC309: mHealth – Mobile Phones for Public Health, the Alliance worked closely with the TechChange team to design a survey that elicited feedback from the community.  This survey helped pin-point the key issues people new to the space and experts are interested in learning about and discussing.  These crucial topics include project design and implementation, learning from other mServices, education and awareness, technological standards and interoperability, and mHealth at scale.

During this four-week, certificate course, participants will watch presentations and take part in lively online discussions with people with varying levels of mHealth expertise from around the world, including implementers, technologists, and representatives from ministries of health.  The course provides an excellent opportunity to network with some of the leading minds in mHealth and to get exposure to the most pressing issues facing the field.

As an alumna of TechChange’s TC105: Mobiles for International Development, I must say, I was blown away by their engaging and easy to use platform.  I was constantly looking for new ways to join in the conversation and earn the 35 points necessary for graduation.  The blog prompts and speaker choices were excellent, and I hope to see you in our mHealth – Mobiles for Public Health course.

To register, click here.  If you register before August 27, you will be able to take advantage of the early bird pricing.  Additionally, mHealth Alliance members will be able to attend at a discounted rate.  Click here to learn more about becoming a member of the mHealth Alliance.

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