Answering a Call to Action from Melinda Gates

April 5, 2012 BY Kathy Calvin


Today’s speech by Melinda Gates at TedXChange is a bold and timely call-to-action on family planning. As Melinda rightly points out, there is no controversy about building better lives for our children. The time to act is now -- the investments we make today will greatly impact the future we leave our children. By empowering women with the tools they need to make decisions about their health and their families, we invest in a better world for us all.

Through powerful data and powerful storytelling, Melinda shows that one of the simplest and most transformative actions we can take is to give everyone access to contraceptives. Universal access to family planning leads to a host of positive development outcomes, including the promotion of healthy, productive families and communities, more prosperous and stable societies, environmental sustainability, and resource and food security. Because access to family planning is critical to reducing maternal mortality, it is also key to achieving progress on all of the Millennium Development Goals.

Saving lives and ensuring a better future – now that’s something we can all support.

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