The 65th World Health Assembly

May 30, 2012 BY Eric Porterfield


The Sixty-fifth session of the World Health Assembly is took place in Geneva from May 21–26, 2012. At this session, the Health Assembly is discussing a number of public health issues such as universal health coverage, noncommunicable diseases, nutrition, the Millennium Development Goals, adolescent pregnancy, polio eradication, research and development, International Health Regulations, and the WHO reform process. Also, the Health Assembly appointed Dr. Margaret Chan for a second five-year term as Director-General of WHO. Here are a few images from the week:


The six regional directors of WHO, surrounded by representatives from member countries, at the day’s first plenary meeting. Pierre Albouy/WHO


The World Health Assembly takes place in the historic United Nations building in Geneva. This is one of the main exhibit halls with posters and information on WHO's core program areas. Pierre Albouy/WHO


Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, and Professor Thérèse N’Dri-Yoman, President of the Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly, during a technical briefing. Pierre Albouy/WHO


WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan acknowledges a standing ovation from Health Assembly delegates as she enters the plenary session to accept her appointment for another term of office. Pierre Albouy/WHO


A group meeting in the Serpentine room. Informal meetings on the sidelines of the World Health Assembly are very important for country delegations. Pierre Albouy/WHO


A press conference with ministers of health and experts from Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan on polio eradication. Polio is at the lowest levels ever - there have only been 60 cases so far this year, but a severe funding shortfall is threatening this success. Pierre Albouy/WHO


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